Keith Baker
Artistic Director, Bristol Riverside Theatre
"Working with Tom Tansey is a director's gift.  He is able to process your notes and
offer something new with the character instantly, and engages with you in a longer
journey with the character that shows off his intelligence and his work outside the
rehearsal room.
Jeffrey Stoltzfus
Director of the feature film "Victim's Song"
Tom Quinn
Artistic Director, Montgomery Theater
Emma Gibson
Artistic Director, Tiny Dynamite Productions
Tom has also had the pleasure of working with:
He supports his fellow actors in their process with a joke to lighten the mood, an
engaged conversation to help them dive deeper into the character, and simply
being present and alive on stage. In short, he is an acting practitioner and a nice
person to share a space with."
                                                            -- Daniel Student
                                                                Artistic Director, Plays & Players
Tiny Dynamite

"What a pleasure it was to work with Tom. He truly helped make Rounding
the wonderful production that [Playwright] Richard Dresser told me it was.  
Tom's dedication, efficiency, understanding of how to work, and sheer talent made
all that possible.  I do hope we will get to work together again."
                                                          -- Mary Ethel Schmidt
                                                              Artistic Director, Electric Theatre Co.
Rounding Third